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Recursos Para El Voluntario

Publicaciones para sitios VITA

VITA Volunteer Site Coordinator Handbook 2020 Edition pub 1084.pdf

FACT SHEET - For Partners and Employees, Quality Site Requirements for Alternative Filing Models

VITA Site Coordinator Corner Web Site

IRS Publication 17 - Tax Guide for 2019.pdf

IRS Publication 3676, IRS Certified Volunteers Providing Free Tax Preparation (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 4942 - Health Savings Accounts (HSA)​

IRS Publication 4299, Privacy, Confidentiality and Civil Rights

IRS Publication 4396, Partner Resource Guide, 2020 Edition​

IRS Publication 4836, VITA/TCE Free Tax Programs  (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 4053, Your Civil Rights are Protected (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 5088, Site Coordinator Refresher Training 2020 Edition​
IRS Publication 5166, IRS Volunteer Quality Site Requirements

IRS Publication 5310, VITA-TCE Tax Return Quality Review Job Aid.pdf

​IRS Publication 5324, Fact Sheet Quality Site Requirements for Alternative Filing Models​.pdf

IRS Publication 5362 Fact Sheet for VITA/TCE Filing Season 2020: Continuing Education Credits

Form 6729 QSS Site Review Sheet

IRS Form 13614-C (2019) English (Intake Sheet)​

IRS Form 13614-C (SP) Spanish (Intake Sheet)

Taxslayer Pro-Online-Support-Guide 2019-20.pdf

Alertas VITA

VITA TAX Alert-2020-01.pdf

VITA 2020 -02 Publication 4491X errors (004).pdf

VolunteerQSRAlert 2020-01 Final.pdf


Recursos Educacionales VITA

IRS Publication 4012, VITA Volunteer Resource Guide

Link & Learn Taxes Linking Volunteers to Quality E-Learning

Link and Learn Certification Paths for E-Learning

Frequently Asked Questions Link and Learn Online Testing

IRS Publication 4491, VITA/TCE Training Guide, 2019 Returns​

IRS Publication 4961- VITA-TCE Volunteer Standards of Conduct - Ethics Training.PDF

 IRS Publication 5088, Site Coordinator Refresher Training.pdf

Link & Learn Certification Tests, Getting-Started-Job-Aid.PDF 

IRS Publication 5101, Intake/Interview & Quality Review Training 2019 Filing Season

IRS Publication 6744 - VITA-TCE Volunteer Assistor's Test-Retest 2019.pdf

Taxslayer Pro-Online-Support-Guide 2019-20.pdf

VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Quick Reference Guide Arizona Income Tax Returns 2018

IRS Understanding Taxes: The Quick and Simple Way to Understand Your Taxes

Materiales de Entrenamiento VITA

VITA Resource Guide (Pub. 4012)

VITA Test Booklet (Pub. 6744)​

VITA Training Guide (Pub. 4491)

VITA Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSOC) - Ethics Training (Pub. 4961)

• VITA Intake/Interview & Quality Review Training (Pub. 5101)

Instructions for Form 1040 

“Your Federal Income Tax” (Pub. 17)

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